Citation Building Service

Citations built manually on relevant generic, niche-specific, and geo-specific sites.

Small - 35 Citations


  • FREE Citation Audit
  • 35 Mix of Generic, Niche, Geo-Specific
  • We spin your description to make unique
  • Citations sent to an indexing tool
  • ETA (5 working days)

Medium - 75 Citations


  • FREE Citation Audit
  • 75  Mix of Generic, Geo, Niche Sites
  • We spin your description to make unique
  • Citations sent to an indexing tool
  • ETA (5 working days)

Large - 135 Citations


  • FREE Citation Audit
  • 135  Mix of Generic, Geo, Niche Sites
  • We spin your description to make unique
  • Citations sent to an indexing tool
  • ETA (5 working days)

Citation Building Packages

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Why You should Choose Us?

Full Detailed Report

We provide a detailed Google Docs Sheet with every order, with the full login details of each citation built for future reference.

Free Citation Audit

We carry out a full citation audit of your current citations with all orders. This is included in your report.

Indexing Service

To help improve indexation of the citations they are sent to an indexer tool. We also spin your descriptions to make each citation more unique.

Fast Turnaround

We aim to turnaround all orders as quickly as we can without affecting the quality of our service.

Manual Service

All our work is carried out manually and no automated tools are used to build the citations.

UK Support

Our support and management team are based in the UK.

Frequently Asked Question

Local Citations for SEO make it easy for potential customers to verify that your business exists at the physical address and has a certified web address. Citations include the same information that a typical business listing in the Yellow Pages would include if the business owner took the time to create a fully detailed listing.

During your research about citations and local SEO, you may have read the term NAP.” This stands for Name, Address, Phone number. This is the minimum amount of information that should be used for a citation. Naturally, you’ll find much more information than that in a truly good business directory listing, but NAP citations are commonly used for blogs and news sites that might routinely search for industry experts who can be quoted for articles. Even if it’s “only” a NAP citation, Google can pick up on that and add that to its search engine algorithms.

Citations are not the same thing as backlinks, although it’s usually a good idea to include a link to the business’ website when creating them. Citations simply tell Google where your business is located and provide information about your business’ category.

Citations are critical for local SEO because they tell Google’s web crawlers where your business is located. If you a dentist in Detroit, Google will prioritize that information whenever someone searches for “dentists in Detroit” if its crawlers can find your business’ name and address in multiple relevant places. That makes citations in the appropriate directories, including local and niche directories, important for telling Google about your business.

Generic citations go into basic directories such as Yelp. These directories are not attached to any business model, niche, or location. They don’t care whether you own a business, manage a non-profit organization, or oversee a government agency. Citations in this category put the responsibility for listing a citation in the appropriate geographical location and category on the business owner.

Niche specific directories tell the audience, including Google, which category the business falls under. When Google can find your listing in niche specific directories, its crawlers will make a note of that and boost your rankings in niche-specific search terms accordingly.

Geo-specific citations are, naturally, based on location. For this reason, citations on county- and state-level tend to be popular with businesses who want to improve their local SEO. Alongside a Google Business directory listing that includes pinning your business location on Google Maps, geo-specific citations confirm the business’ location to Google’s web crawlers.

 Yes. You could confuse Google if your citations become outdated or use inconsistent formatting for the business name, address, or phone number. The easy way to avoid this problem would be to have all relevant names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses in a properly formatted Word or Excel file, and then copy and paste into the appropriate fields in each submission form. This can help avoid the chance of Google being confused by typos when its spiders crawl citations in hundreds of directories.

A good rule of thumb would be to have only one citation per directory to avoid the risk of duplicates. Each time you visit a new directory, do a search for your business name to make sure that it hasn’t already been added by a directory staffer. Directory staffers can be impressively alert for businesses in their local vicinity if they’re part of a directory start-up and want to establish that directory as a reliable source of business contact information, so they’ll often add business listings without the owners ever knowing it. If it’s already there, claim it and do some updating to make sure the information is accurate and add geo-targeted media.

Once directory citations are created, it’s good practice to revisit them on a regular basis. This is especially true if the business’ contact information has changed recently or the business has moved to a new location. Not only does routine updating of directory citations make it easier for possible customers and their GPS devices can still find your business, but it also sends a signal to Google that the directory citations have been updated for accuracy.

We aim to complete orders within 5 working days (Monday – Friday) or less. On certain occasions, there may be a delay of day or two, but we really try to avoid this, and we currently complete 90% of all orders within 5 working days or less.

When people place an order for citations, normally they’d provide a single description for their business; this would then be published on all citations, making each pretty much identical.

Using a suite of tools, we take the business description you provide when placing your order to ‘spin’ certain words in the description. This makes each description more unique but still readable.

This is beneficial as it helps to boost the indexing of your citations (as proven by our tests), as each of them is more unique in terms of content.

In the past, we paid providers to build citations, yet we continually found as few as 5% of them ever being indexed.

To overcome this, we not only spin the descriptions, but we also drip feed them via our indexing tools.

We are also happy for customers to come back after 30+ days if they find certain citations still not indexed. Sometimes we find takes 2 or 3 attempts to get a higher % indexed. We will happily do this free of charge if you get in touch with us. We aim to get as many as we can indexed, but unfortunately can never promise to get them all indexed. Citations are notorious for being indexed poorly by Google.

We would love to give you an exact % for this answer. But there are so many variables that take place to affect this, and as you may or may not know, Citations are notorious for not being indexed well. We do all we can to try and get much higher % indexed than any of our competitors. At the moment of writing this (Sept 2019) our average % rate after 30 days of order completion with one round of indexing through our tools, we are seeing around 75% on average indexed.

Yes, as part of our service we do a citation audit included with every package. This means our team undertakes manual searches to check your existing citations. This involves checking whether they are correct, incorrect or duplicate; this information is then listed in a report. We will never build on sites which your company is already listed on.

When you receive your Google Sheets report, some of the citations mainly the niche and geo-specific ones may say pending. This basically means we have submitted the citation, but the site has not yet approved it, this is very common. If after 30 days from your order completion you manually check the site and your not showing, simply send our team an order update and we will check and replace any links pending. It may be replaced with the generic listing if no further niche or geo ones are available.

For each order we create a new Gmail account to build the citations using, this avoids you being spammed or pestered with sales emails from the citation sites.

Welcome to

All orders for our services come with a free citation audit so that we can work with you to point out areas that you may already have nailed on your own and areas that could be improved. Many business owners have already created a listing on Yellow Pages and Yelp, for instance, but may not have thought of creating citations on directories that are specific to their niche or locality.

With our services, you won’t have to guess about which directories are worth placing a citation on. Just as your English teacher advised you to avoid citing online sources that aren’t credible when writing that term paper, you also want to avoid “junk” directories that don’t have the high authority that Google looks for. However, finding high-authority directories and posting your business information on them on your own can be a dull and time-consuming process. That’s why many businesses look for a way to outsource this work when they start considering localized SEO efforts.

Our directories include geo-specific directories and niche-specific directories that cater only to the types of service your business offers. Google’s web crawlers recognize these directories as being high-authority for your geographical location and niche so that your overall SEO efforts can focus on getting the results you need for potential customers in your service area to find you.

All citations are built manually on a mix of generic, niche-specific and geo-specific platforms.

Our customer support is based entirely in the UK to ensure that you can reach a representative that is both knowledgeable about both the importance of citations for local SEO and strategies for creating citations that maximize your positive results in search engine rankings. When all citations are created, you will receive a detailed report that includes links to all your new citations with full login details.

What Our Clients Say

Jay Yap
SEO, Leadspring

Citations Builder is our go-to service when it comes to getting high quality citations. You get quality and relevant citations for your business, and on top of that, they also index the links for you. You really can’t ask for more!

Brendan Tully
Principal Consultant, The Search Engine Shop

We switched from handling citations in-house to having the citations builder guys handle it and not only are we saving a ton of money, we’re getting citations we wouldn’t have found previously AND the indexation rate is through the roof. We’re seeing seriously good rankings for our agency clients as a result and recommend these guys to other agencies we’re affiliated with, on a regular basis.